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frequently asked questions with answers below:

How much is the SHIPPING FEE?

All packages are sending from Poland and this FEE depends on the dimentions, destination and petrol global prices. However based on previous orders I selected zones with indicative prices:

  • Zone #1 18,00 EUR (Austria, Germany, Czech, Belgium, Slovakia, Nederlands, Denmark, Hungary and Romania),
  • Zone #2 19,50 EUR (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Bulgaria)
  • Zone #3 25,00EUR (Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK or Ireland)

For other countries, please ask directly to

Can I install FLICKON sets on a manual gearbox?

"YES" it works for both automatic and manual gearboxes. However, there is only one slight difference in the first step of the installation, which is removing the central tunnel cover. There is a bit different cover construction. Still, a similar approach is acceptable to remove and reinstall it correctly.

For more details follow this link

Can I have a multicolored ambient light using FLICKON sets?

Basically, all FLICKON sets work as the plug&play extension of existing ambient light systems. So there are two answers where:

"YES" if you have a currently multicolored ambient system all MULTICOLOR FLICKON sets can work in a multicolor system.

"NO" if you have a single color ambient light (f.e. only in cups) you can extend it to all footwells but only in a single ice-blue shade.

Can I upgrade the single-color to a multicolor system by MULTICOLOR FLICKON sets?

"NO", all MULTICOLORED FLICKON sets work as the extention to the existing ambient light system. So if you have currently single-colored lights it will not work, because there is a noncompatible hardware (different harness wires, lamps, lighting control system, etc.)

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